Community Theatre

See our Shows Page for current and upcoming performances For more information, call 480-201-4637. How did Community Theatre begin? I thought MoezArt was an educational company? Although MoezArt will primarily continue to offer theatre education to school-aged students, Community Theatre was created when Steven & Sharon Rodriguez left Southwestern College. Many students still wanted to be involved in theatre, but had no where to go. Also several of our students’ parents were asking where they could be involved in theatre. We even got the same question from students who had graduated. We decided to open up a community theatre branch of MoezArt in the fall of 2008 with “Father Of The Bride.” Meeting with much success, we continue to do it. Can anybody be involved? Yes. Community Theatre is for all people (see our non-discriminatory policy) who are college age and older who want to do theatre without having to deal with the liberal issues that plague many of today’s artistic venues. Age appropriate characters [i.e. Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker] and filling in the chorus are the only age exceptions (so if you are 18 or under, don’t expect to get any kind of a lead). In these shows we may do programs that have characters or situations that are too challenging for the younger age or address issues of a more mature nature. However, through it all, we will continue to do theatre from a Christian world-view, where we can honestly stand by our motto: “Glorifying God through the Arts.”





Audition Dates:

Monday, January 7 from 6:30-8:30 PM

Tuesday, January 8 from 6:30-8:30 PM

Venue: MoezArt Office

18411 N. 16th Way, Phoenix, AZ 85022

To reserve your audition spot please contact Sharon Rodriguez at

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