What a crazy whirlwind of uncertainty and change the arts have been through the last few months. COVID-19 continues to keep us guessing about what our next steps will be. MoezArt is committed to safety and following the laws of the land – even as local requirements change every couple of weeks.  


What does this mean for our theater classes?  

  1. Lots of handwashing – handwashing when you arrive, before and after snacks – just to name a few times. 
  2. Revised sick policy – stay home if you think you feel the tiniest bit sick. This is not a season to “push through”. We no longer have a two absence maximum. If you need to stay home, your directors will work with you to make sure you have the information you need so you are ready to return well informed and well practiced 
  3. Extra cleaning – we are committed to disinfecting our spaces before students arrive and after they leave.  
  4. Face shields/mask – Because the cities in which we hold classes are requiring it, we are requiring some kind of face shield or mask be worn until further notice. Because live theater relies so much on faces and voices, we are asking families to look into the clear masks or the clear face shields for class time – whichever one makes you and your student more comfortable.  
  5. Performances – Because we do not know the future and what restrictions may be in place by the time our shows should preform, we are creating contingency plans for several options. Of course our first desire is to be able to have regular shows with a house full of our biggest fans – the students’ friends and families. However, we may need to have smaller audiences and live stream. Because high school is doing a show written by Leeann Moe, we will be able to do that without having to jump through extra financial hoops. For middle school, the publishing company is working with us to grant us the ability to live stream that show.  


So, what if we can’t do groups of 10 or more again? We  know that the community aspect is an important part of what MoezArt provides. We have worked to find a way to still enable to students to accomplish a task together – even if it must be in groups of less than 10. With that in mind, if we have to find a way to perform with groups of less than 10, we want to turn the shows into radio theater. We experimented with radio theater this summer with great results. We know this is not something we have done before, but we are excited about the idea of having our students create great radio drama of these shows if we cannot perform them live.  

As the state and county directed guidelines change, therefore changing what we are required to do, we will update you. When you think of MoezArt please say a prayer for wisdom and direction in a time when truly – the only one who knows the future is the Lord.