​COVID-19 Policy for our Audiences:

Thank you for being willing to join us for our productions this fall. Our students have worked so diligently and are excited to share these fun stories with you.
In light of current county ordinances, we are obligated to require face coverings for our audiences. Please wear a face covering during the production. You will be able to remove your mask while eating or drinking (think restaurant policy). We will still have concessions and candy-games available for sale. However, in light of Covid, we will not have any homemade options.
We will have limited audience sizes and we will be distancing each family group.
We will dismiss families one at a time and will ask all families and friends to greet your favorite thespians outside after the show. Please continue to wear your masks while greeting the students.
We will be sanitizing the concessions area, bathrooms, and chairs before and after each performance.


COVID-19 Policy for our Classes:


What a crazy whirlwind of uncertainty and change the arts have been through the last several months. COVID-19 continues to keep us guessing about what our next steps will be. MoezArt is committed to safety and following the laws of the land.


What does this mean for our theater classes?  

  • We understand that many of our families have differing beliefs, opinions, and thoughts about the correct steps to take in light of the correct COVID -19 situation.
  • We understand that theater is, at its core, a socially interactive activity.
  • We understand that MoezArt Productions is required to follow the city ordinances in which we perform and/or hold classes.

For our most cautious families, we would recommend that you look into the on-line virtual theater class we will be offering in the fall.

For our more moderate families, here are the precautions we are taking:

  1. Handwashing! When they arrive, before and after they eat, and any other time the teachers/directors see fit to ask them to do so.. 
  2. Temperatures: We will take temperatures with a non-touch thermometer upon arrival. Anyone with a more-than-normal temperature will be asked to return home until they are symptom free for a minimum of 48 hours. 
  3. Face protection (shields or masks): In order to follow current city ordinances, we must require face protection when we cannot be socially distant, outside, or when the face coverings do not interfere with our activity.  As soon as the local ordinances allow, we will update this policy.
  4. Extra cleaning/disinfecting: We will be cleaning all surfaces before and after our classes. We will also clean any surfaces during the class that the teachers/directors deem necessary.

For our least concerned families, thank you for honoring these policies during this time.

To all our families, thank you for extending grace to each other even though we don’t all agree on what “the correct” action is during this time. My favorite phrase during this time is currently: Grace upon Grace! In our statement of faith, our #10 statement begins: We believe that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. Thank you for always being families that display these kinds of attitudes with each other.