Masters Class – The Actor’s Toolbox Classes Set


Price: $100 ($3.30 processing fee)

This full set of Master Classes, called “The Actor’s Toolbox”, will give you valuable tools to start strong as a new actor, or refine existing skills. You will learn from talented directors who want to give you the knowledge you need to succeed on stage and use your gifts for the glory of God.



Teachers: Lisa Kollman, Sharon Rodriguez, Zachary Anvik, Mandie Lottes, and Sean Lawrence

Are you starting out as an actor? Do you want to refine your existing skills and invest in your craft? “The Actor’s Toolbox” is a set of Masters Classes that will give you wonderful tools whether you are starting on your first show or need a refresher course to sharpen your skills. Learn from experienced directors who have been on the stage themselves and have valuable knowledge to share with you. Each class contains two videos that cover topics ranging from vocal technique to chemistry on stage, from building a great character to adding strong movement to a scene.


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