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    The town of Kulyenchikov is under a curse, or is it a nurse, or a hearse? Whatever it is, it affects everyone, including the family of Dr. and Mrs. Zubritsky and their daughter, Sophia, who has recently mastered the art of sitting down. To this small village comes Leon Tolchinsky, a young, idealist teacher determined to educate people. However, shortly after his arrival, he learns something himself - that he must break the curse, or lose the lovely Sophia. Come for a show filled with comedy and laughter, and a truly inspiring tale of one young man who saves an entire town...from stupidity.
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    In 1904 the World's Fair, also known as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, came to St. Louis. The excitement created by the arrival of such an important event is brought to life in the story of the Smith family. Everyone from 5 year old Tootie to 80 year old Grandpa is busy imagining the Fair and joyously singing "Meet Me In St. Louis". Only Mr. Smith, who is a lawyer and is concerned about taking care of his large family, is unconcerned about the momentous event. Yet through all the trials and triumphs that surround the arrival of the Fair, the Smiths learn the importance of one thing, each other.
    This rousing musical includes favorite songs such as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "The Trolley Song" and the iconic "Meet Me in St. Louis."
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    We hope you'll join us for the masterfully entertaining Murder’s in the Heir! Almost every character in this hilarious mystery has the weapon, opportunity, and motive to commit the unseen murder.  And it’s up to the audience to decide who actually did it!  In this 1950's rendition, we will entertain you with not only an interactive show where you get to choose the ending, but a delightfully entertaining intermission at Al's Diner (cafe on-site) with live music, soda floats, coffee bar, hot dog stand, and dessert!
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    Tragedy follows a small family from their farm in Iowa to New York City. Poverty, violence and death leave behind widows without hope. Join Naomi and Ruth as they journey to healing and hope. Inspired by the book of Ruth from the Bible, and set at the end of the Great Depression, Journey to Hope is a play that digs deep into the heartaches of life. Bitterness, loneliness, and the struggle to survive are woven into the story of Ruth. But through it all runs a thread of hope, the hope of finding rest, a home, and the living God.
    Venue: Meadows Baptist Church - 3701 W Beardsley Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308