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Join us for an enriching theater experience tailored for students ages 14-18. Since 2002, MoezArt has been dedicated to presenting quality youth theater productions across the Valley.


Our high school classes offer a dynamic curriculum designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and develop performance skills.


Classes meet once a week and are arranged by semester, providing students with the opportunity to explore various aspects of theater production. Families can also utilize our classes as a fine arts credit for their student’s high school transcript.


$415 / Semester - Regular Class


$30 Per Student

(This fee is non-refundable.)

Using ESA Funds? (See Below)


Early Regstration Discount: $50

Sibling Discount:

For 2 siblings: $25 per student

For 3 or more siblings: $35 per student

(These discounts apply to each student if a parent registers two or more siblings for any combination of youth classes.)

Referral Credit: $25 (See Below)

Refund Policy (See Below)

  • Want to know more about classes with MoezArt?

    Read our Parent-Student Handbook to learn about our beliefs, policies and responsibilities of parents.

  • This credit is applied to a current families’ balance when a new family names them as those who recommended MoezArt. Only one credit per family will be applied to the current families’ balance. This does not apply to siblings joining for the first time, nor will multiple credits be applied if the new family registers more than one student.

  • When a student is enrolled in a youth class, their parent pays a registration fee of $30 which is non-refundable. The remaining balance of tuition fees for the semester is due by the first day of class.

    Should a student register for a class and withdraw either before the class begins or after the first class period, the student will forfeit the $30.00 non-refundable deposit. Should a student withdraw from a class after the first class period, 75% of the student’s tuition will be refunded. Should the withdrawal occur after the second class period, 50% of the student’s tuition will be refunded, and after the third class 25% of the student’s tuition will be refunded. After the fourth class period, no refund of any tuition amount will be given.


    To withdraw from a class, please email

  • Registration and payment for MoezArt classes must be completed through CourseStorm, our registration website. You will need to use your ESA debit card or submit for a reimbursement.  CourseStorm cannot process payments from the ClassWallet Pay Vendor system.


    Questions?  Contact our administrative team at




April 18 - May 18, 2024

Sovereign Grace Bible Church

2940 W Bethany Home Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Tickets go on sale March 22nd!

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