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The Bravery of Acting

(by Caleb Brown)

Howdy folks. I’m here to talk about one thing we all know in our hearts: theatre is hard work.

As a high schooler in a musical semester...

with songs, lines, and choreo, we truly have a lot of hard work to do. On top of all of this, we are tasked with true self-knowledge. We are called upon by our directors to understand our feelings and use them to inhabit the personality and feelings of a completely different character.

On top of all this, we have to take this emotional character that we’ve created and put ourselves and our complex emotions on a stage in front of a hundred people. It sounds incredibly intimidating, and it is, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and great.

Many people are afraid of the stage and the audience...

so they miss out on the great rush that comes from performing, thus missing are all the amazing skills you gain by being willing to do this. It causes you to become more in touch with your emotions and how to use your emotions to create a new character. You also gain more confidence the more you do it. I have seen the shyest of shy fall in love with the rush that comes from standing on the stage. which brings me to a characteristic that defines almost every actor:

They Are Brave

Everybody fears the stage, but it takes true talent to break through the fear and take the stage. Everyone who does this finds that after the initial fear of being on the stage, all that remains is the excitement and energy that comes from performing. And to everyone afraid of performing for the audience, the audience is not the only one you are performing for.

Ultimately, we are performing for our Lord, Jesus.

It doesn’t matter how scary the stage is. At the end of the day, as long as we perform for the Lord, we have nothing to fear, because He loves our performance no matter what.

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